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Posted: 1st February, 2021

Give the gift of BBQ...

Do you know someone who loves BBQ food? Someone who knows their dry rubs from their burnt ends? Their Kansas from their Carolina? Then get them a gift that they really want - an authentic taste of the Southern States - straight from the smokehouse to their house.

Build them a custom BBQ box with classics like the Texas style brisket, Memphis ribs, pulled pork & smoked chicken wings or just take the easy route and choose the best-selling Family Platter packed with all their favourites. Then add a few pre-mixed cocktails or 4 cans of pale ale so they can get the party started.

In the box they'll also get easy-to-follow heating instructions, giant bibs for when things get messy and a link to the Hickory's Spotify playlist so they can crank up those good 'ole Southern tunes. And of course, it just wouldn't be Hickory's without some popcorn so that's in there too!

And, how about a sauce pack or tub of Magic Dust? There’s our classic 3 pack (£15) BBQ Sauce, Homicide Sauce and our top-secret recipe Magic Dust or the ultimate 5 pack (£25) that includes our own Pitmaster Rub & Hot Sauce! (And they are all available individually too). So, what is Hickory’s At Home all about? Hickory's At Home is packed with smokehouse classics that guests have been enjoying in our restaurants for the past 10 years. From Memphis Ribs and Texas Style Brisket, to a classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese and all the sides, to the ultimate BBQ box – The Family Platter. This heaving BBQ box includes a selection of smokehouse favourites such as Memphis Style Ribs, BBQ Pulled Pork, Mac 'n' Cheese and our famous Texas Style Brisket, smoked low 'n' slow for 16 hours.

These sauces and rubs are sprinkled all over our menu in the restaurants and with Hickory’s At Home, and they’re perfect for add a touch of the smokehouse to your home cooking. Our Magic Dust is simply that a tub of magic - rub it on steak, chicken & fish and it’s awesome sprinkled on fries too! Our other rub is the Pitmaster Rub, amazing on pork & beef and great to spice up fish.So, what is Hickory’s At Home all about?

For someone who likes hot sauce they’re going to love trying Homicide Sauce as a scorching marinade or a sizzling dip. Be warned! Or let them flame it up with our own Peri Peri Hot Sauce - the perfect glaze for chicken.

And no sauce pack is complete with a BBQ Sauce. Great on ribs, chicken & beef and the perfect dipping sauce.

Once you’ve chosen your gift, simply enter the address (we deliver nationwide) of who you want to receive the BBQ box at checkout & then tell them to keep an eye out for a surprise delivery!

And if all that choice seems like too much responsibility, you can always buy one of our e-Gift Cards & send it on to their email with a personal message so that they can choose their own selection. And leave the wine and chocolates to someone else...

So, gift someone the experience of Hickory's at Home for their next birthday, anniversary or just because they deserve a treat. And leave the wine and chocolates to someone else...

There’s so much more to Hickory’s At Home than the food and drink, it’s a complete at home experience. You can download our Hickory’s playlist from Spotify, look the part in the giant bibs (well, eating wings can get messy) and tuck into complimentary ready-to-eat popcorn! Then it’s time to fill your kitchen with the wonderful smells of deep south BBQ. So, after the heating…it’s time for eating!